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I need to query two feature class at the same time using IQueryFIlter.

For eg -

FeatureClass -- A has field OBJECTID

FeatureClass -- B has field OBJECTID

what i am tring to do is --

IQueryFilter iqf = new QueryFilter();
iqf .setWhereClause(B+".OBJECTID = "+A+".OBJECTID");
IFeatureCursor resultCursor =, false);  

Is this possible , if yes what is the correct methord because currently i am facing error--

"Too few parameters. Expected 1"

Might its not taking A.OBJECTID properly ////

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Did you read about joining tables in the online docs? – Kirk Kuykendall Jul 3 '13 at 13:05
IQueryFilter isn't really designed to join tables. For that you should be using a IQuerDef.… – travis Jul 3 '13 at 19:22
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It is difficult to do anything but the simplest queries in ArcObjects. Here is a method to create an in memory join between 2 tables.

public static ITable Join(string relationshipName, ITable tableA, ITable tableB, string tableAJoinField, string tableBJoinField, IQueryFilter queryF, string targetFields, esriJoinType joinType, esriRelCardinality cardinality)
            IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory mrcFactory = new MemoryRelationshipClassFactoryClass();
            IRelationshipClass relationship = mrcFactory.Open(
                (IObjectClass)tableA, tableAJoinField,
                (IObjectClass)tableB, tableBJoinField,
                "forward", "backward",

            // Open the RelQueryTable
            IRelQueryTableFactory rqtFactory = new RelQueryTableFactoryClass();

            bool joinForward = true;
            bool doNotPushJoinToDb = true;
            bool openAsLeftOuterJoin = (joinType == esriJoinType.esriLeftOuterJoin);

            IRelQueryTable relQueryTable = rqtFactory.Open(relationship, joinForward, queryF, null, targetFields, doNotPushJoinToDb, openAsLeftOuterJoin);
            ITable joinTable = relQueryTable as ITable;

            return joinTable;
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Thanks it helped a lot .Just waiting for some more suggetions , if not will mark yours as answer.//// – NewBee Jul 3 '13 at 13:18

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