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Wondering if anyone can help. I have recently discovered QGIS having previously only worked with ArcGIS. I have a set of data I previously worked with which includes water data downloaded from OS Mastermap alongside a point data shapefile I created from XY data. In ArcGIS I was able to get these to project properly (they should all be in the same geographical area), but now I've pulled it into QGIS I don't seem to be able to define the projections. It seems to be my XY data that is off, as the coordinates in the OS data are correct for the geographical area I am looking at. The project in ArcGIS was WGS84 (originally created using the convert NGR to Lat Long tool downloadable from http://arcscripts.esri.com/details.asp?dbid=15878

Still trying to get to grips with this platform, so am not sure how it all works (have tried setting the CRS, but so far all combinations i can think of have failed to move the data an inch...)

I am sure I am making a complete beginners error, but could do with some pointers to help set me on my way!


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Can you give sample coordinates from the water dataset and the XY dataset? Both datasets do not have to share the same CRS, if you have enabled "on-the-fly-reprojection" for the project. –  Andre Joost Jul 9 '13 at 5:14
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