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I used the "Create Contour" icon in 3D Analyst on a TIN. But now I can't hide, select, or delete those contours. I even tried deleting the base TIN to no avail.

ArcScene 10.0.

Any help please? Thanks!

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I don't have a 3D Analyst license to test this but I just looked up the help and found that Create Contours creates a 3D polyline graphic.

Instructions for selecting graphics in ArcScene are here.

You cannot use the interactive selection tools to select nonfeatures, such as graphics, LAS points, or triangles, within a TIN surface. If you have graphics added to your scene, you must use the Select Graphics tool Select Graphics on the 3D Graphics toolbar (also available on the Tools toolbar). Click the graphic element you want selected. Holding SHIFT will add multiple elements to the current selection, just as it does for feature selection.

You should then be able to use the Delete key.

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that did the trick, thanks a lot! – Oliver Amundsen Jul 12 '13 at 23:44

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