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I am creating a web mapping applications with openLayers, Geoext, ext.js, and geoserver. I would like to add the mapfish printing capabilities via geoserver that is advertised through Geoext functionality. When I tried to follow the tutorial on the geoserver page I received the error:

"TypeError: scale is undefined var s = scale.get("value");"

from the PrintPage.js file.

I tried backtracking and getting the example file to work as suggested by the tutorial:


but I get the same error even though I am able to view the json config file in my browser and I am able to properly view the sample code in my browser. The error happens when I click the "print" button.

Since I am receiving this error using all default options and only sample code I am not sure what I may need to do to fix this but it is also odd that I get the same error with my own application code.

Any idea?

Thanks, Taylor

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