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I am writing a stand-alone application in c# (using vs2010). I have ArcGis Desktop license.
I only need to insert a new data frame in an mxd file and save this mxd.

So: I create MxDocument coclass. Then get IMxDocument interface from that. Then i use its "Maps" property which return me IMaps interface. From that I call its method Add() to add a new dataframe.


Dim pDocClassOut As MxDocumentClas = New MxDocumentClass()
Dim appl As IApplication = TryCast(pDocClassOut.Parent, IApplication)
Dim mxDoc As IMxDocument = TryCast(appl.Document, IMxDocument)
Dim maps As IMaps = CType(mxDoc.Maps, IMaps)
Dim pMap1 As IMap = New MapClass
pMap1.Name = "XYZ"

appl.SaveAsDocument("E:\DEV EnGIS\Untitled.mxd")

Why this simple code doesn't work? Thank you so much!

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What part isn't working? Have you tried calling mxDoc.Open(pathToMXD) first? I found a sample on the ArcGIS forums in Java, but the concept should be exactly the same in .Net.

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Hi. Sorry for my late answer. Yes, i tried also mxDoc.Open(pathToMxd). Problem is that i get an error when i save the document (Generic error from COM). – diolo75 Jul 24 '13 at 13:31
Sample you linked is for Add-in but I have a standalone application. – diolo75 Jul 24 '13 at 13:44

Are you using engine? According to the help file this interface will not work, it's for desktop only

Have a look at this link:

If you are developing for desk top then try the create method.

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