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What are useful websites for scouting GIS related jobs?

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GIS Jobs Clearinghouse is a great site for both posting and finding Geospatial related jobs. I have used it to fill my last three vacancies. You don't need to create an account to search the jobs which is a big bonus. They even have an option to display job postings via a map as well as a twitter account announcing new postings.

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This isn't GIS specific, but dice.com is a pretty good resource for the US. Especially if you are looking for something a little more technical (not just map production, but something that uses analysis or programming skills). When I would receive calls for a job that I hadn't directly applied for, I would ask where they found my resume and Dice had the most hits.

From my experience when I was job hunting last year, many of the jobs on GIS Clearinghouse and GIS Jobs were out of date.

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I've found indeed.com to be pretty good, I always find the greatest number of postings there. They seem to be the Google of job searches, with jobs from many obscure sites coming up in the results. You can narrow the search by state and can sort by greatest relevance or newest postings.

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I agree. While not GIS-specific, it appears to me to be one of the most comprehensive and intelligent job search engines around. Other ones often yield many duplicates among their results. Indeed saves me from much of that hassle. –  Martin F Mar 29 at 23:56

For french people or others willing to speak french (and mostly work in france) a well-known site is http://georezo.net/forum/viewforum.php?id=10. Sorry for others! ;-)

The Georezo is a non profit organization of volunteers which aims to provide support and gather resources from and for the french GIS small world. It provides community tools like bibliography, forums, blogs, ... and gather job ads from private companies and government/public sector.

Another forum -Forum SIG- gives an inventory of job offers. The georezo appears to me as more exhaustive.

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UK GIS and Cartographic Jobs:

A Free List for GIS and Cartographic Jobs in the United Kingdom


Updated hourly and for UK users a valuable and active source of part-time, contract and permanent GIS centric Jobs.

Jobsite for the UK (the completed search for "GIS")

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Also: jobs.ac.uk searched with 'gis' or 'spatial' (mostly UK based academic and research positions) –  radek Mar 1 '11 at 18:25
Also: academicjobseu.com/default.asp has GIS section but so far I haven't seen many offers there. –  radek Mar 1 '11 at 18:26
in this thread answers without supporting commentary and evidence will be removed (see comments on question). –  matt wilkie Mar 17 '11 at 20:12
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I can recommend the following three sites:

  • ZGIS: for mostly Job offers within the German speaking part of the world
  • Earthworks: for more academic GIS and Remote sensing jobs.
  • SCGIS: for GIS jobs in conservation. This site has a slight bias to the US
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In addition to the GIS-specific sites already mentioned, I had good success finding job advertisements when searching with the following non-GIS specific sites:

  1. LinkedIn.com- In my experience, most jobs offers are given to people who know someone within the company already and have an "inside referral". LinkedIn is a good way to keep up with those contacts.
  2. SimplyHired.com- Very similar to Indeed.com, but I found with the right search criteria it provided very good results and scraped job advertisements from many other sites that did not come up in typical searches.
  3. CareerBuilder.com- I had quite a few recruiters contacting me through CareerBuilders after I posted my resume for public review.

I would also recommend getting involved in your local GIS user groups as a way of connecting with potential employers. Many have email lists that they advertise job announcements through. Personal relationships go a long way in getting hired, often being just as important as the skills you have.

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http://giscareers.com/ is international and was very up-to-date, several job offers per day.

Unfortunately it has not been operational for a couple of months already.

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Digital-Geography.com joblist - mostly for German speaking countries.

This list is a nice starting point if you're looking for a GIS (related) job in a German speaking country. It is updated weekly and curated by Riccardo. The job listings there are a mix of him scouring over job mailing-lists and employers sending in job offers themselves.

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Lots of good examples already given above.

But I would add another pretty good site:

My GIS Jobs - They seem to have 7 or 8 new GIS job listings added each day - primarily US-based jobs.

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