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I want to make clumps of cells (pixel) within a raster. My raster data is binary form as "1" or "0" representing "0" is nothing but "1" is something. I want to make clump from "1" data. If my raster file is composed of 100*100 pixel composed of "1: 100, 0: 9900 pixel". "1" can move like animals. and they can make clumps. In addition, clumps also can be seperated.

I hope to do this in R because I am familiar with R program and then I try to manipulate GIS data in R. The rule to make clumps is just random or if big clumps is made, other "1" tend to gather into "big clumps" If anyone can have any information (like a cellular automata or Individual based model, etc...any kind of information), would you get some advices? I really appreciate any advide or guidance

Thank you for reading

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Are you saying you want to create a raster with certain kinds of clusters of 1's or do you want to identify clusters of 1's within an existing raster? –  whuber Jul 24 '13 at 14:02

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