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I have scans of CAD streets and such and want to get a raster for georeferencing into ARCMap. What are the easy steps to make a targa, geotiff, etc. of a known size, say 2 miles along one side as a test size scenario or any other raster format that can be imported into a layer for subsequent geo reference? Not wedded to any particular form, size, technique, format; just best practice and practical steps. Thanks for any help.

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Create world files for your tiff (some geotiff contain it in the header of the file.)… – Mapperz Jul 30 '13 at 13:32
Hi Mapperz, the format i have currently is jpeg, but i guess that is trivial, just save as a tiff. the problem i see is it is not geotiff and has no associated headers so the world size would be a toss up, maybe get a geotiff of the area and cut and paste the header to my new tiff? It would be nice if there was a more elegant solution as it must be a pretty common operation. Actually it was a scan of a survey map made before the dawn of the computer era, similar to a cad drawing, just not electronic format ; ). – lewis Jul 31 '13 at 11:38

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