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I would say that after custom map creation, data requests are the most frequent GIS requests I have on a daily basis. Now they don't take long, but they add up and I have much more important work to do sometimes. So I am wondering if there is a quick and easy way finish a request like this.

Usually these requests involve a picture like this in my inbox:

Area of Interest Request

After I figure out where the heck the person is talking about I usually need to clip about 1 to 6 layers in the area of interest for them. Then I need to zip it up and send it back.

Like I said, it's not hard whatsoever, but it is time consuming. I've tried using batch Clip, but it seems to take forever and takes a while to set up. I'm open to any suggestions: programming, ArcToolbox, Open-Source, ect.

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could be easily done with python to have create a script and or tool to clip and send to a zip file, i can help more if thats the route you want to go – Moggy Jul 30 '13 at 17:40

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