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Is is possible to have a feature attachment functionality with Geoserver services, similar to what ArcGIS server offers in its feature service?

If Geoserver does not have a built-in functionality to support add/remove/download of feature attachments, could anyone suggest a way to do so?

Additional info: Feature attachments are the files that you want to associate with some features. For instance, geo-tagged images could be attached to corresponding point features, or some textual reports could be attached to land parcels. This functionality is a built-in for some formats including local and ArcSDE geodatabases. That is, the attachments reside in the geodatabase, and the relation is not provided by hyperlinks. This approach could provide better consistency between features and their attachments. ESRI products provide means for add/remove/query/download of feature attachments. For instance, your web-app can interact with feature attachments through ArcGIS server's REST interface.

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for those of us who don't use ArcGIS could you expand on what a feature attachment is? – iant Jul 31 '13 at 7:10
@iant Some information about feature attachments are added – Edi Gosilbang Jul 31 '13 at 7:33

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