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I have to reproject all the layers from a database, but some of them are undefined and some are defined in a wrong projection. I would like to sort all those layers in a text file with their source projection and their path. I tried:

For /R %f in (*.tab) do ogrinfo -al -so %~dpnxf > list.txt

The fact is only the last layer return a result in the list.txt. Do you know why? Is there a more appropriate method to overcome that projection problem?

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I guess you might want to append (>>) the projection to list.txt and not assign (>), otherwise list.txt will be overwritten at each iteration of your for loop.

For /R %f in (*.tab) do ogrinfo -al -so %~dpnxf >> list.txt
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reference for how redirect in a command shell works: – matt wilkie Jul 31 '13 at 18:39

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