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When I try to launch osm2pgrouting

osm2pgrouting -file ~/Téléchargements/mayotte-latest.osm -conf /usr/share/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig.xml -dbname routing -user gisuser -passwd fred1490 -clean

I get this error

Create Topology failed: ERROR:  We can not determine the srid of "ways.the_geom"!

Though I have a defined srid in my db

routing=# SELECT Find_SRID('public', 'ways', 'the_geom');
(1 row)

routing=# select * from geometry_columns;
 f_table_catalog | f_table_schema | f_table_name | f_geometry_column | coord_dimension | srid |    type    
 routing         | public         | ways         | the_geom          |               2 | 4326 | LINESTRING
(1 row)

Maybe it's because geometry_column is a view and not a table? Thanks

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