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I have a Postgres 8.4 PostGIS 2.0 enabled database and I've loaded it up with a bunch of shapefiles.

I'm trying to get the database to do on-the-fly unions of geometries.

Here is the query I'm working with:

SELECT ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_Union(the_geom)) FROM (SELECT geom FROM forecast_zones WHERE 
state = 'ND' AND zone IN ('002','011','021','035','046','050')) as the_geom;

The Subquery to pull the geometries of the individual zones works fine:

SELECT geom FROM forecast_zones WHERE state = 'ND' AND zone IN 

But whenever I try to pass that to ST_Union I get undefined function errors.


Here is the query I ended up using that works:

SELECT ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_Union(forecast_zones.geom)) AS geom FROM forecast_zones
WHERE forecast_zones.state = 'ND' AND IN
GROUP BY forecast_zones.state
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This is a query I use to merge all 'elementary school boundary' features into a single boundary based on their name. this essentially does a dissolve of all chunks of elementary boundaries by their name, and gives me back a table of unioned boundaries. we would do this for middle and high schools too...

select elm_school as name, st_union(allbounds2012.geom) as geom
from allbounds2012
where allbounds2012.elem_num > 0
group by allbounds2012.elm_school;
  • gets the name of the elementary school from allbounds2012
  • unions the geometry of the boundaries in allbounds2012 (where the elem_num(school number) is greater than 0
  • groups (unions) them by their name
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This TOTALLY worked, thank you so much! – DirtyBirdNJ Aug 1 '13 at 19:14
awesome! you're welcome!!! – DPSSpatial Aug 1 '13 at 20:35

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