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I usually use HTML templates in map files to show nicely formatted popups on my WMS layers with Openlayers. Here is the doc on templating with mapserver

I'd like to know if it is possible to do the same in GQIS Server and if yes how?


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There is a new functionality in QGIS Desktop > 1.8 (you need to download the master). You can add a HTML map tip or just choose one of the field to display.

I also installed the nightly build of QGIS Server on my ubuntu server and I set "useGetProjectSettings" to true in GlobalOption.js in QGIS Web Client.

I now can see the value of a chosen field in QGIS Web Client but HTML display doesn't work. I found that it will be implemented in a future release :

I also found another way to get HTML template here : but you need to define your HTML in GlobalOption.js and it has not been commited yet.

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