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I am trying to create a vector memory in a plugin. Basing on some examples,I was able to create a memory vector layer and to add it in QGis with : QgsMapLayer.instance().addMapLayer(myLayer,True)

But when the layer is added , QGis always displays the crs dialog to specify the crs of the layers

:crs dialog

I tried to specify myself the crs with : layer.setCrs(QgsCoordinateReference(4326)) but it still shows me the crs dialog.

Do you have any ideas to how avoid this dialog ?

Best regards

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I found a way in QGis, in Setting>Options>CRS you can specify a default CRS, so the dialog will not appear. Hope it can help other peoples with same problems.

Best Regards

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In addition to changing the preferences in QGIS, another way to avoid the dialog is to specify the CRS when creating the memory layer (as opposed to changing it at a later step). This can be done using the URI string:

layer = QgsVectorLayer("Polygon?crs=EPSG:4326", "result", "memory")

will create a memory layer using EPSG:4326 and add it to the registry without asking for the CRS to be specified, regardless of the QGIS preferences.

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