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CHM = canopy height model

I am very new to R (specially for GIS purposes) and I am struggling a bit in getting the following pixel statistics:

  1. Proportion of zero value pixels = [nº of zero value pixels/(total nº of pixels - nº of NA pixels)]

  2. Proportion of pixels smaller than 3rd quantile = [nº of <3rd quantile pixels /(total nº of pixels - nº of NA pixels)]

Here is a reproducible example:

f <- system.file("external/test.grd", package="raster")  
r <- raster(f) #r is the object  
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Actually, number 2's answer is 0.75, but the point I was trying to made was to learn how to use an object/output from other functions inside the code. –  Andre Silva Aug 15 '13 at 19:14

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One way of doing this is to work with the matrix:

#Raster to matrix
#Proportion of zero value pixels
#Proportion of values < 3rd Quantile     
value=as.numeric(summary(as.vector(r_matrix))[5])#position of the 3rd quantile value
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