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I made this map in Google Earth of a trip I recently did in the UAE. I did this by importing the kml I'd saved from GE into Google Maps. Annoyingly, it is only displaying part of the route. If you look down the bottom you'll see there are many pages you can click on. If you click 'page 2' it shows another part of the route, and the number of pages magically cascades to about 10, showing you are on page 7 when originally you were clicking page 2. What is going on here?

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I found on the google maps forum that it just splits the route up automatically based on the number of vertices. It's better to host the .kml file somewhere and just point google maps at it. I saved it in Google Drive. From there you can click the file and it will display the map in Google Drive. You can share this link with others. –  ndthl Aug 20 '13 at 4:05

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