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So i am trying to make a typographic map using mapnik. I want the street names along a particular street not to overlap, but I want an intersection between two streets to over lap. Currentlyenter image description here some streets don't have repeating labels. see attached image for whats happening. How do I accomplish this?

labelStyle = mapnik.Style()
text = mapnik.TextSymbolizer(mapnik.Expression("[FULL_NAME]"), "DejaVu Sans Book", 2,     mapnik.Color("#171717"))
text.label_placement = mapnik.label_placement.line
text.label_spacing = 2
text.force_odd_labels = True
text.min_distance = 0
#text.max_distance = len((mapnik.Expression("[FULL_NAME]"))
text.character_spacing = 1
text.minimum_path_length = 0
text.label_position_tolerance = 100
text.allow_overlap = 1
text.avoid_edges = 0
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