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I'm trying to merge some dems downloaded from USGS. When I used arcgis 9.2 there was an expression to be used in raster calculator to do that. I used it again but unfortunately it doesn't work in arcgis 10.2. What can I do?? I do not have the toolbar Production Contouring

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Start by converting them to raster formats (assuming they are in DEM format to start with): enter image description here

then use the 'Mosaic to New Raster' tool to combine the different rasters into a single one: enter image description here

Make sure that they are in the same units before mosaicing them or they will look really odd when you stitch them together.

That's the basic approach I use, I'm assuming the DEMs you have are all in the same coordinate system/projection/units/cell size/etc. If not, make sure you get all the rasters into identical formats before you start, it will make your life a lot easier.

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Thanks! First I applied the expression setnull to the dems and then I mosaic them to a new raster. It seems all ok! – Streppy Aug 22 '13 at 14:17
Glad you found it useful! If it has solved your issue please mark the question as 'answered' so it will be closed. – Kevin Aug 22 '13 at 14:35
Hi Kevin n Streppy, I had make sure that in my case the two DEM are identical formats. However, do you know why the resulted DEM has range value of 0 to 255? (Both the two source DEM have range 0 to more than 2000 m). Thanks before – Santosa Sandy Mar 3 at 12:12

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