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I am in the process of importing some rather messy DXF data into QGIS. I already fixed dangeling lines thanks to GRASS, created polygons, and even translated the data to the correct position.

But I just don't find a way to import my labels (point data, mostly land parcel numbers, and some street names) in a readable fasion. The text itself is well preserved in a separate field when I import via "add vector layer", but I always lose the text label orientation (that is, in which direction the label will point).

It seems the old dxf2shp-plugin had an option to extract additional text information, but it won't work on my up system (I'm using QGIS 1.8.0-2 on Win7 32 bit), and after some googling it seems others have this problem.

Any ideas how I could solve this problem? (preferably without the need to install additional software, it is always a difficult and lenghty process to convince the local IT department...)

Many thanks in advance!

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