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I have a map focused on the United States displaying US Interstates.

The goal: to make the US interstate symbols look nice and consistent throughout the map.

The three attributes I think are the most important to toy with:


We also have major and minor cities. So sure, you could crank the PRIORITY up to 10 but that would get rid of all the cities (not good).

Please see this image:

You can see there are some glaring inconsistencies.

Currently I've just been messing with the attributes listed above.

In the current picture, the attributes are as follows:


I can have the priority set to 0 and they still show up, but the buffer and repeatdistance seem to get even more out of whack.

Any input is appreciated to make this look nice and consistent. We don't symbols all over the place, yet we don't want too few either. (See those two 64's? That is way too close).

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