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May i know whether QGIS supports the following map formats? (1) S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts (Naval Maps) (2) Army/IAF Maps in DGN (3) DTEDO0, DTEDO1 and DTEDO2 (4) GeoTIFF (5) DTED

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OGR the backend for Vector data in QGIS supports ENC-S57, but in won't show the specific symbology, just the data. DGN is sppported but not the newest version (no personal experience). I don't know about the military stuff, but i don't think so. Geotiff is supported fully. – warrieka Sep 3 '13 at 9:16

All the 'GDAL formats' (raster formats) are here
(3) DTEDO0, DTEDO1 and DTEDO2 (4) GeoTIFF (5) DTED are the supported formats.

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The exact details differ on the options that GDAL was compiled with though, many distros do not include everything. – bugmenot123 Feb 8 at 9:40

The GDAL section of the Options from the Settings menu will tell you which raster file formats GDAL in your QGIS can load.

GDAL settings

I can't find a corresponding list for OGR (vector) drivers, but the popup on the "Load Vector Layer" probably has all the file-based ones:

vector file types

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