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In ArcMap, when you export data to PDF it preserves the layering within the PDF so that you can turn on/off individual map layers (within the PDF itself). When I export from QGIS to PDF, I don't appear to have the option for this.

Does QGIS support preserving layers when exporting to PDF? Is there a special setting needed to enable this capability? Or has anyone wrote a plugin for this feature?

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I have the same question and need. Look forward to presenting pdf maps with layer control. – user4784 Nov 10 '11 at 9:48

This was on the list of possible Google Summer of Code projects 2010 ( but I don't think anybody got to work on it.

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Thanks for the feedback. Bummer, that would have been a great enhancement to have. Maybe next by summer... – RyanDalton Mar 11 '11 at 16:50
Years later, GDAL is now able to create GeoPDFs from vector and raster data, but QGIS is still behind. – AndreJ Nov 7 '14 at 15:15
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Until this is supported "out of the box", I wrote the following workaround in Python help automate the batch processing of a folder of outputs generated with the Atlas "data driven pages" part of QGIS Composer. The method I finally settled on was:

  1. Export the Layout to a GeoTiff via Composer
  2. Execute the gdal_translate command from the command line to convert the GeoTiff into GeoPDF.
import os, subprocess

inFolder = r"D:\folder_path\TIFF"
outFolder = r"D:\folder_path\geopdf_conversion"

#Create the outFolder if it does not exist
if not os.path.exists(outFolder):

#Define the output projection
epsg = 3857

print "Converting images from {0} to:\n{1}\n".format(inFolder, outFolder)

#List all GeoTiff files in a folder
for f in os.listdir(inFolder):
    fName, fExt = os.path.splitext(f)
    tifExt = ["tif", "tiff", "jpg", "jpeg"]
    if any(e in fExt.strip(".") for e in tifExt):

        gtif = os.path.join(inFolder,f)
        gpdf = os.path.join(outFolder,"{0}.{1}".format(fName ,"pdf") )
        print "Converting {0}".format(f)

        gdal_cmd = 'gdal_translate -a_srs EPSG:{0} -of PDF "{1}" "{2}"'.format(epsg, gtif, gpdf)
        ##print gdal_cmd
        print "\n"

print "Converted Image files from {0} to GeoPDFs in {1}".format(inFolder, outFolder)
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