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For an presentation I need an example of a map which contains very much information.

The map should :

  • respect basic cartographic principles.
  • contain as much quantitive and/or qualitive information as possible without beeing overloaded by too much cartographic details.
  • look beautiful as I want to use it in a presentation.

Concerning the complexity of the map, I want to use an example by Eduard Imhof who tried to describe the course of a river by words instead of using a map and ended up with a wall of text, showing the data efficiency of the map.

I want to use this to show how efficient maps are concerning the volume of data which can be stored on it (compared to the same amount of data stored in a database for example).

Any ideas? :)

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Choose any of the (dozens) of exemplary maps and statistical graphics collected, reproduced, and analyzed by Ed Tufte in any of his first three books on the subject. –  whuber Sep 8 '13 at 16:50

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