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i Created topology graph of a polygon feature and i copied geometry of topology edges into line feature class,and topology nodes into point feature class

i created topology layer containing featureclasses as polygon,line,point .

using IEnumtopoparent i am getting FID of individual points ,lines.

i want to get polygon arclist,for getting this using topologyGRAPH.getparentedges(polygon feature class,OID) i am accessing individual edges of polygon. using topoparent.m_FID iam getting fid of parents. but iam not getting line feature as topoparent

to get line feature as topoparent for tpology edges what topology rules should I applY when creating topology layer

pls helpe me.....

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After you created and populated the line featureclass, did you create a new topology that both the polygon featureclass and the the polyline featureclass participate in? –  Kirk Kuykendall Mar 11 '11 at 6:31
yes , i created new topology that both the polygon featureclass and the polyline fatureclass participate in ,but i am not getting line features as topoparent –  user2307 Mar 13 '11 at 15:03

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