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I want to create a series of rasters that are representative, in both size and value, of particular individual fields of a vector feature class. I know how to use the 'polygon to raster' tool in ArcGIS to this effect but I am encountering difficulty in creating a process in modelbuilder that will automate a conversion process for each field. The specific problem is that I don't know how to pass the value of each field to the 'polygon to raster' tool in an iterative manner. I have used the 'iterate feature selection' in order to group the fields I want, illustrated below, however there seems to be nothing configurable within the "Value Field" of the 'polygon to raster' tool that will permit an iteration of the value of each field I have selected within 'iterate feature selection.' How can I iterate this process successfully?

iterating feature selection polygon to raster ArcGIS Modelbuilder

The Value bubble in the model can be passed as a precondition, cellsize or environment:Output configuration keyword. When I run the model I encounter 2 errors: Failed to execute (Make Feature Layer)and Failed to execute (Iterate Feature Selection).

Thank you in advance.

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