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With 2.13 release OpenLayers now has animated zooming. Is it possible to get the animated zooming only for the baselayer not for the whole map (i.e. all layers)?

The problem is a have a topology baselayer and several normal layers on top of it among which is also a "place names" layer (all from WMS tile cache servers). Now that I zoom in, the "place names" layer text becomes huge due to animated zooming. I think if the "place names" layer were not visible, but only the base topology layer, until the tiles in the right sizes are loaded, it would be better. Maybe disabling and enabling the normal layers via zoomstart and zoomend events would be an option. However, if animated zooming could only be done for the baselayer this looks like a more natural way of avoiding the problem. Is this possible? How to avoid the big huge text for normal layers?

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