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I am getting an error code when I try to import a contour line vector file GRASS via QGIS. I have been trying to create a DEM from the contour lines following this tutorial:

When I try to import the loaded vector ( I get the following error message: "dsn=C:\GIS\Elevation\Florida Counties\Bradford\Bradford.shp" output=BradfordGrass2 snap=-1 min_area=0.0001 -o

Datum not recognised by GRASS and no parameters found

Over-riding projection check

Layer: Bradford

DBMI-DBF driver error:

Unable to create table: 'create table BradfordGrass2 (cat integer, FNODE_ double precision, TNODE_ double precision, LPOLY_ double precision, RPOLY_ double precision, LENGTH double precision, TOPO5_ double precision, TOPO5_ID double precision, CONTZ integer, CARRYZ integer, ELEV integer, WMD varchar ( 6 ), ADD integer)' Finished with error

I am using five-foot contour lines downloaded from downloaded the data from the FGDL.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe the column name "ADD" is making trouble? – Micha Sep 15 '13 at 5:36

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