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I use a android app called OSMTracker. This app records the GPS track and can take pictures and notes. Using JOSM software, the photos are shown exactly at their coordinates (location) but i cannot use these photos in other GIS softwares like QGIS, it says no geotagged photos in the location.

How can i find out whether a photo is geotagged or not? I know that the information is written in some EXIF header, but i don't have any other files. I only have the GPS track and the photos.

If the photos are not geotagged, can i geotag them using the GPS track?

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The EXIF header is part of the image file itself. If being reported as missing by QGIS then OSMTracker might not be setting the EXIF header. – Nathan W Sep 16 '13 at 2:14
If the camera and the GPS track have (approximately) synchronized clocks (which would be the case if the camera and the GPS are both your phone/android device), you can interpolate the track locations to estimate the location where the photo was taken. – Llaves Sep 16 '13 at 5:58
To pick up Llaves comment, camera and GPS clocks run at different rates, about 2-3 seconds per day, so you need to adjust the timestamp in the photos back to gps time before geotagging if you use a separate GPS. My cameras get up to 5 minutes out of sync. You also need to have a track with lots of track points (from time based point creation) or use interpolation between points rather than using last known position. – AndrewM Sep 17 '13 at 2:21
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In Windows, in File Explorer, you look at the file details,

right click goto properties then to get advanced options. In the details tab scroll down to gps section. If the EXIF data is present, there will be an index entry and the gps values, otherwise not

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There's also desktop client solution (although commercial) for GPS-enabled imagery and video acquisition, storing and publishing: GeoView. It recognizes a wide range of GPS-related data embedded in a still photo (or video), such as position, elevation, azimuth, and more. Once data is recognized, it may get stored into geospatial database for further utilization via GIS-based applications.

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