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EDIT: solved, went for the solution as described below

I have a set of polygons defined in a xml file. I create a shapefile with Pyshp. This works fine.

But now i want to add labels to the polygons. The labels are defined in my xml like this:

  <shape id="1" description="WINTER SEASONAL ZONE II" color="#FF99D9EA">
      <location lat="50" lon="-68.5"/>
      <location lat="40" lon="-68.5"/>
      <location lat="54.666" lon="-132.666"/>
      <location lat="54.666" lon="-105"/>
      <location lat="-47.1" lon="-65.9"/>
      <location lat="-34" lon="-50"/>
      <location lat="-43.333" lon="-74.333"/>
      <location lat="-45.75" lon="-74.333"/>
    <label lat="41" lon="-40" text="WINTER SEASONAL ZONE II\n1 Nov - 31 Mar - Winter\n1 Apr - 31 Oct - Summer" />
    <label lat="41" lon="172" text="NORTH PACIFIC WINTER SEASONAL ZONE\n16 Oct - 15 Apr - Winter\n16 Apr - 15 Oct - Summer" />
    <label lat="-40" lon="77" text="SOUTHERN WINTER SEASONAL ZONE\n16 Apr - 15 Oct - Winter\n16 Oct - 15 Apr - Summer" />

The labels have their specific positions. Also, the number of polygons and labels per shape are not related in anyway.

What's the best way to go?

I thought of creating a second POINT layer with the positions from the label tags and draw this layer on top of the polygon layer.

is there a simpeler way?

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