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I need to label the simple-features/shapes in a Well-known text file. Is there some best practice on how to achieve this? Should I just keep the labels as separate entities linked to the WKT or is it possible to add this to the WKT itself? Thanks.

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As far as I know WKT doesn't really support any kind of label as it just represents the geometry itself. What you could do is however just store it as comma separated list eg:

feature1label, {WKT string}
feature2label, {WKT string}

You should then be able to display this with X GIS program. QGIS can open and display text files with a comma separated list of WKT objects using the Delimited Text plugin.

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Nathan is right, the OGC WKT for Simple Features only talks about how to define the feature geometries with text, not the attributes. I would link directly to their documentation, but they require you to accept their license agreement to view the 'Open' specification. – DavidF Mar 14 '11 at 14:06

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