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I have a very simple question about the advanced query builder in QGIS.

I'd like to search for a range of numerical data values in the attribute table, but asking QGIS to show me values that are <= the low value and >= the high value doesn't seem to work; I continuously get a message that says:

syntax error, unexpected LE

although sometimes is says GE instead of LE.

Haven't a clue what GE and/or LE refer to and can't find it on the internet.

Here's a screenshot of the query builder and the message

This should be easy but it's not, which generally means I'm missing something.

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Looks like you just need to supply the field ID for both the greater than and less than operations. This should work:

CELL_ID >= 106551 AND CELL_ID <= 247977
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Oh Hallelujah. Thanks Dan, that was driving me nuts. – QGIS NOOB Sep 25 '13 at 4:52
@user22299 Dan is correct. The "Unexpected LE" means the expression parser encountered a "less than or equal to" (LE or <=) when it was expecting the field name. – Luke Sep 25 '13 at 4:55

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