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I'm looking for a way to automatically assign a color to a feature, mainly polylines. I want to do this by populating a field with a value so I can link it to a color. I believe this is possible with representation symbology, but I haven't been able to find out how to use the override field for color. Is there a specific type of field it has to be? Is there some format the attributes have to be, ie RGB values? Perhaps there are other ways to do this as well? I am open to ideas, but representation symbology is what I need the end result to be.

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Do you just want to symbolize based on an attribute? – Anthony -GISCOE- Mar 15 '11 at 12:53
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Required - ArcInfo License

Must be using a Personal or File Geodatabase

Create a default [subtype] representation you want to automate [See RoadType below] Then set up a rule (creates RuleID)

Apply the Override to all other representations.

enter image description here

Limitations is set by License Level and Toolbox (for automation) is limited in geoprocessing Features need to be converted to Representation before applying

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