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I am trying to install OTB in with QGIS 2.0.1 (Dufour) in Windows 7, 64bit. I have no problem installing QGIS either the QGIS installer or OSGeo4W, but I have no luck with the OTB tools such as pansharpening etc.

Are the otb-gin etc. tools only available on the 32bit version? Does anyone know if it is possible to install on the 64bit?


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You are right that orfeo toolbox is not yet available in the 64 bit Version of OSGeo4w installer. You can compare the package listings here:

The 64-bit version is still experimental, with packages missing or not working as expected.

However, it is possible to use the 32-bit installer to install orfeo toolbox in C:\OSGeo4W (while the 64bit QGIS is in C:\OSGeo4w64), and nethertheless enter the paths to otb in 64-bit QGIS 2:


This even works with the standalone installers.

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