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I am managing data distribution via an ArcSDE Oracle gdb to a number of users (schemas?), each of which can only have read only access to datasets they have requested access to, and have then been licensed to see - due to the confidential nature of the data.

Currently I keep these privileges in a spreadsheet as 0, 1, or 2 for each user, and with a Python program, I then update each dataset in the SDE to match the privileges in the spreadsheet using the ArcGIS "Change Privileges" tool.

However, this means I am currently running the change privileges on all SDE datasets, when in reality only a handful may actually need be changed, which is then taking a lot longer than it really needs to. So I am looking for a way to find out what privileges each dataset already has, to know if they do need to be updated or can be skipped, probably with a custom function (nothing Oracle please), as in a simplified example of my existing code below:

import arcpy

#  New function here 
def CheckPrivileges(sde_fc, user):
    return privileges_value  #  e.g. 'Select'

#  Input SDE and spreadsheet paths
sde = r'SDEConnectionPath'
in_xl = r'SpreadsheetSheetPath'

#  Dictionary to convert 0, 1, 2 values from spreadsheet to privilege lists
new_privileges = {"0": ["REVOKE",  "REVOKE"], "1": ["GRANT",  "AS_IS"], "2": ["GRANT",  "GRANT"]}

#  A second dictionary to check against the returned value from the CheckPrivileges function, 
#  but using the same values from the spreadsheet e.g.    
privileges_check = {"0": "", "1": "Select", "2": "All"}  #  (This is almost certainly incorrect)

#  In the spreadsheet, each user has a column with the 0, 1, 2 privilege values e.g.
user = 'USER1'

#  Search cursor with each dataset and the users privileges.
rows = arcpy.da.SearchCursor(in_xl, ['SDE_DATASET', user])
for row in rows:

    #  Path to SDE dataset having privileges altered.
    sde_fc = sde + '\\' + row[0]

    #  Pulls out the correct privilege values from the dictionaries.
    user_privs = new_privileges[str(row[1])]

    check_privs = privileges_check[str(row[1])]

    #  This is where I would call the new function I need e.g.
    current_privs = CheckPrivileges(sde_fc, user) 

    #  And then check against what it should be according to the dictionary.
    if current_privs != check_privs:

        #  If not equal, then amend privileges, otherwise continue to the next row
        arcpy.ChangePrivileges_management(sde_fc, user, user_privs[0], user_privs[1])

If anybody has any ideas of how to construct the missing "CheckPrivileges", I would love to hear them. Apologies in advance if this isn't enough detail, or my terms aren't quite correct, as I'm new to ArcSDE, and also to this site itself.


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