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I have a GeoServer with PostGis database.

PostGis database has a table with small geographic areas (English LSOAs and output areas, to be precise), with codes and shapes.

I want to submit to GeoServer a list of area codes, and receive KML of their external boundary. The areas will be conterminous in most cases (not always). GeoServer should merge the areas and dissolve the inner boundaries where possible.

I figured out how to do it in PostGis:

SELECT ST_askml(ST_Union(ST_SnapToGrid(geom,0.0001)) )
   FROM geo_area
   where identifier = ANY( regexp_split_to_array('E01031338,E01031376,E01031377', ',') )
   group by level_identifier;

But I do not know how to pass this request to Postgis via GeoServer.

Thank you in advance


I guess it can be made by a chain of WPS jobs



but I am not sure yet.

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