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I am trying to perform a kind of 'spatial join' in Arcgis, joining to a polygon layer atributes of the closest feature of a point layer, as well as distance. But 'spatial query' doesn't offer an option 'closest feature on target layer'.

I guess I could create a distance matrix, I've tried but the distances are something like 4695923.10207, can it be because I am working with WGS 84 non projected layers?

And, is it possible to perform the spatial join I mentioned, resulting on a layer, instead of creating a distance matrix?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Try this tutorial, or this one

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Using a projected coordinate reference system (e.g. UTM) simplifies things.

In GRASS you can use the v.distance function.

In QGIS you can use v.distance through the GRASS plugin. If your datasets are small you can use the NNJoin plugin.

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