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How many scenes are there for ASTER per year ? From what I understand is that the temporal is every 16 days. So, some month it will have 2 and some months it will have one.


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The ground track repeat cycle for ASTER is 16 days, which means every 16 days the pattern of orbit is repeated. So, each year a ground track is repeated (365/16) approximately 23 times. Therefore, you can acquire images of the same area 23 times per year.

The orbit period is approx. 98 minutes. Therefore, each year there are (365*25*60 = 547500/98), give or take, 5587 orbits per year.

The circumference of the earth is approx. 40,075km. For a scene size of 150km, that means (40,075/150) 267 150km scenes per orbit.

267*5587 = 1,491,729 scenes per year or 124,310 per month.

There are many assumptions built in here (e.g. the satellite is always capturing data, scene size is approximated), but that's a literal approach to the question you asked - is this actually what you were looking for or did you just want the repeat cycle?

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Yes, this is what I am looking for and wanted to know how many scenes it repeats. – PROBERT Nov 22 '13 at 16:05

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