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I am new here, so sorry if I missed something, but when I try to converta data from an xls file into a shp file by export data, all the points I had before get reduced to only one?! I also want to convert Eastings and Northings into Lat/Lon and have unfortunately two coordinate systems that I need to align thus GDA1994 and WGS1984. I am also having the problem that the points and a coastline dont show up, but separately they do. Thanks a lot already.

A little more info :) Sorry for that ... I am using ArcGIS 10.1 and what I did was this so far: in ArCatalog export to a gdb (single)+pulled it into ArcMap-> Display X,Y and then I saw nicely all the points that were originally in the table (a few thousand bird positions), but then if I export the data as a shapefile, only one point is left instead of the few thousand positions?! This would be my first question, What am I doing wrong here? The coordinate system should be WGS84, but the that aim would to convert the Eastings and Northings of all these points (as I only have this data) afterwards into Longitude and Latitude, which would be my second question (tried to do it via "add fields"+calculate geometry)...The underlying map for all these points has got the coordinate system GDA94. I hope this helps a little more :) Thanks again, highly appreciated!!!

PS. Could it be due to different different sings and formatting in the excel table? When do I use a csv file?

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What software are you using to make the conversion and do you have any points selected when you do it? – MappaGnosis Nov 22 '13 at 17:05
Hello, welcome to :) You need to flesh out your question before we can help you. For example, what software are you using? and what features or tools of that software? and so on. Also a small example of the input data, or a link where it can downloaded, is also an aid. – matt wilkie Nov 22 '13 at 17:28

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