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I have completed a project in gvSIG and now I would like to be able to open it from my webpage, like a hyperlink or path or something.Can I really do that somehow? And if yes, could you please explain how?

Thanks a lot.


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Sorry, Eva, but that is not possible in a easy way: gvSIG is a desktop software, so it has no webs service to share your project or views.

On the other hand, I can advise you some solutions depending on what you really need:

  1. Static information: Export your views as image or PDF.
  2. Share a layer: You can export your layer as KML and load it in google Maps or other service like this or include it in your page use Google Map JS api
  3. Share a layer composition: Install on a server your own map server (like MapSever, GeoServer, etc) and publish your maps using a JavaScript library (like OpenLayer or Leaflet).

Good luck!

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