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My task is to store the values in the database(postgreSQL) when the user inputs the lat-lon values in the form. and after submitting the form, the map should be displayed with markers at corresponding lat-lon values stored in DB. I have achieved this task using PHP,ajax & storing values in a text file. Now I have to do the same task using Geoserver+PostGis for which I am totally new. I have just installed Geoserver,postGIS,PostgreSQL in my system. I want your help to how to carry this task step by step. How to store these values in DB, how to retrieve them using geoserver.

Thanks in advance

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I wanna use google maps as my base map using OpenLayers.Layer.Google(sphericalMeracator: true)..... – Vikash Talanki Mar 29 '11 at 18:14

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