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Here are the steps i did:

  1. Added ppa to repository sources
  2. in synaptic marked all pgrouting for postgres 8.4
  3. apply (everything was ok)
  4. restarted postgres

But, i just tried a simple function shortest_path and it seems to do not recognise it:

ERROR: function shortest_path(text, integer, integer, boolean, boolean) does not exist LINE 1: SELECT * FROM shortest_path('

This is the query:

SELECT * FROM shortest_path('SELECT gid as id,source::integer as source,target::integer as target,length::double precision as cost FROM topologia'::text,1, 2, false, false);

It should be simple... anything else that I'm missing?

Cheers, Marco

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I just found the solution.

After the steps above, one has to actually add the functions to the postgresql database:

$ sudo su postgres

$ psql -d routing -f /usr/share/postlbs/routing_core.sql

$ psql -d routing -f /usr/share/postlbs/routing_core_wrappers.sql

$ psql -d routing -f /usr/share/postlbs/routing_topology.sql

I hope this useful for someone else...

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Yes, I made the same mistake a few months back with ubuntu Maverick! – winwaed Mar 30 '11 at 13:18
You can accept your own answer too. – underdark Mar 30 '11 at 19:08

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