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So I'm attempting to convert a GDB database into a shapefile. I found the help for ArcGIS 10.1 (my version) and it tells me

2.On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Production Mapping.

But when I follow this menu, production mapping doesnt exist. Can anyone help me out here ? I feel like I'm misisng something very obvious.

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I recommend that you try the Feature Class To Shapefile ( Conversion) tool instead. This should enable you to convert feature classes within your file geodatabase to shapefiles.

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One other quick and easy way if you have the layer open in ArcMap is to right click, select Data, then Export Data. The default format there is shapefile.

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The tool that PolyGeo has linked to will definitely do what you want.

Just so you know the Production Mapping toolbar would show up if you had the Production Mapping Extension, so that's why it wasn't in your list of toolbars.

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Open ArcCatalog, then select your gdb, right click, export, to Shapefile (Multiple), then just select Output folder and your done

GDB export to shapefile Feature Class to Shapefile

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