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I'm having trouble performing calculations with single output map algebra ArcgIS 9.3 using conditional statements and applying it to several model outputs as they are generated: The statement is:

Con(dem%n%<= -0.02,1).

I have tried these: Con('dem%n%' <= -0.02,1) and Con("dem%n%" <= -0.02,1) but they seems unstable. What would be a better solution?

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What are you trying to accomplish? We cannot tell from the question because your use of Con does not conform to its syntax, making it unintelligible. – whuber Dec 10 '13 at 16:17

So it looks like you are using the format: Con(<condition>, <true_expression>, <false_expression>)

Based on your question are you using %n% as a form of wildcard for your 'several model outputs'?

There is a Con (Spatial Analyst) tool which may help you format your expression and use it in a model.

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