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I have been able to load in raster data into MAPublisher and properly registered it, however I have been having trouble with a further step. I am trying to reference vector data that has no GCS or projection to the the raster data's spatial information. The vector data is in pdf format, and I would like to be able to reference it and export it as an ESRI supported format. I have been able to size the vector data to match the raster data, but every time I try to register it to the raster data, it makes it incredibly large and goes off the canvas. Is what I want to do possible?

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If you've got at least one other layer to use as a reference, you can use the guide in chapter 2 of the tutorial guide, as mentioned on the Avenza forum. Similarly, someone mentions using the same approach iteratively to match up two layers on Cartotalk. You should be able to get a reasonable approximation through that approach, failing this, you'd likely have to use georeferencing in a full GIS package, such as the georeferncer plugin in QGIS.

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