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I'm using ArcGIS 10.1 and need to calculate the distance of down stream traces for each of several points in ModelBuilder. Using the Trace Geometric Network too, I have a feature class of points for the "flags" and a feature class of points for the "barriers". I want the trace to stop at the first barrier.
Since each point needs its own distance calculation, I'm imaging I need to use the iterator tool to accomplish this task. I need some guidance on how to go about this. Do I use the row iterator? Where does the iterator go? My end product should be a record for each flag showing the total downstream trace distance.
Another challenge I have is that I need to link the distance calculations for each point back to the flag, since the results of the trace calculations are independent of the flags (attribute wise), how can this link be made?
Any input would be helpful. Thank you! Edit: The attached graphic depicts what I've started out with. This is my first foray into Modelbuilder and the graphic is just a very rough start.


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