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I'm trying to add some data to an ArcGlobe; however, it's not showing up and I'm wondering what the issue is.

I am doing the following:

IGeometry geometry;
Ipolygon polygon = myPolygon;
polygon.SpatialReference=  SetSpatialReference(); 

geometry = polygon as IGeometry;
IZaware zAware = geometry as IZaware;
zaware.Zaware = false;

IElement element;
IPolygonElement polygonElement = new PolygonElementClass();
element = polygonElement as IElement;
element.Geometry = polygon;

IFillShapeElement fillShapeElement = polygonElement as IFillShapeElement;

ISimpleFillSymbol sfs = new SimpleFillSymbolClass();
sfs.Style = esriSimpleFillStyle.esriSFSSolid;
sfs.Color = myColor;

fillShapeElement.Symbol = sfs;
((IGraphicsContainer)myGlobeGraphicsLayer).AddElement((IElement)fillShapeElement , 0);

Anyone see any major issues?

EDIT 1: Made sure to use code-sample tool.

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I'm assuming this is an issue with the Element part...and that the SimpleFillSymbol is OK? – PSU_Kardi Apr 7 '11 at 16:31
Have you tried refreshing your display/active view after adding the element? – AndOne Apr 13 '11 at 9:12

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