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I need to write a script that would import a .shp on the YUMA to a gdb on the script/host pc for manipulation with arcpy. I can't seem to find a smb python module. So Im not entirely sure on how to do this.

Have I just not found it? surly its came up before.

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The only other thing I can think of is. ftputil and a filezilla server on the YUMA. But I'd rather go the smb route. – Zap Rowsdower Apr 10 '11 at 23:42
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You theoretically shouldn't need any special SMB module to copy files from one Windows PC to another. You can just use shutil and/or CopyFeatures and the \\machine\directory style path to copy to or set the share up as a network drive and copy it to Z: or whatever letter you wind up giving it. You could also refer to this solution from StackOverflow if you need to authenticate against the network share at run time as well.

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