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I have multiple rasters and feature classes that I want to clip to a study area. Im pretty new to model builder. I know you can right click the clip tool to batch clip outside of model builder but how do I bring that into model builder?


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ModelBuilder functions differently than batch processing in ArcGIS. Typically, you use iterators to loop through individual files rather than a spreadsheet-type list of files and actions, as in batch mode. The following is an example of the type of model you would need to loop through a workspace containing rasters in order to clip them to study area bound. For clipping FC's simply replace "iterate rasters" with "iterate features" and change the clip raster tool to clip (analysis).

Additional Resources:

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some background info: quick tour of iterators and examples of iterators. –  Roland Jan 31 at 18:10
Thanks @Roland--these have been incorporated into the answer. –  Aaron Jan 31 at 18:23

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