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It comes the time for me to decide what will be the topic of my Master thesis. I want to write something related to GIS. Maybe you can give me some interested topics (My idea was to do a basic geoportal, but now i think i can't manage to do that). Please write your suggestions. THANK'S A LOT !!!

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Without providing more detail on your interests and areas of expertise, I don't think we can provide much help. 'Something with GIS' is akin to saying 'I want to use a computer for my analysis' ;-) – scw Aug 6 '10 at 12:19
It would help if you explained in which area of GIS you want to focus. Ex. data creation, data analysis, web-development and so forth. Or maybe a combination. – Chau Aug 6 '10 at 13:09
Yes, you're right... I think to write something about Web Gis but the point is that i have no programming knowledge so i think it will be difficult for me. Or maybe you have some solutions (topics idea) that the programming is not necesssary? If not, i consider also a thesis contain a data capture and it's analysis. The topic can be related to forestry (but it is no a necessary condition). I hope now i make it more clear. – com Aug 6 '10 at 13:52
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This is probably not answering your question directly. Here is a list of what I would do to develop a thesis topic:

  1. I think you need to back up from selecting a topic and list your interests and career plan. Tailor your thesis topic on that list. Why write about a geoportal if you plan on eventually doing field based research?

  2. You need to frame your thesis topic in the form of a question. The point of a thesis is to prove or disprove that question. In the case of your geoportal idea, a question might be can geoserver be used to replace an ArcGIS Server installation? Then use data and metrics to prove or disprove if you can use geoserver. Based on your last comment you may be able to look at the feasibility, setup, and ease of use for various geosptial server solution such as geoserver, AGS, mapserver, etc. for non programmers.

  3. Once you frame a question, do a quick literature search to see if you can find references. You don't want to write about a topic you can find no references on.

  4. Create a thesis proposal, which is in essence a literature review of your topic. Write the proposal with the plan of using it for your first chapter.

  5. If your proposal is accepted, get to writing.

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This is a very sensitive topic. I mean, it is your life and your work, so you should decide what way you want to go.

I cannot decide my theme, imagine yours :P.

But as said, narrow down you scope. Do you want to work creating GIS Tools or apply GIS tools to some problem? Usually the first is easier to handle, the second not so much. Both require a very defined scope/problem so you can start your work.

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